Labrador around the Web

Good Sunday Morning to you all! These last few days I’ve been planning and preparing for a trip to visit my hometown (Fredericton, NB) for my friends’ wedding! I found a few bloggers accounts of their own trips and thought I would share them, along with a couple of links of pictures and paintings 🙂 Enjoy!


Mavis Penney’s Labrador Landscapes . There hasn’t been any recent updates, but what is there is beautiful!

Island Girl: Blogging from the Atlantic’s Edge post on the Big Land

By The Seat of My Pants 17 day round-trip from Portland, ME to Labrador and back. I love the mention of New Brunswick! I think my favourite post is the General Tips for Enjoying (rather than just surviving) a Trip to Labrador. Since I’m making a trip home to Fredericton in August, I be sure to follow these guidelines :)!

And an account of a drive starting June 11, 2010 from Maine to Gaspe to Labrador to Newfoundland to Nova Scotia and back.


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