Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a very busy week here at Them Days! Since I’m leaving next Friday I’m trying to squeeze a month’s worth of work into two weeks! Thomas, Justine, and I have been working like quiet little busy bees putting together articles and stories for the next issue (my FIRST as editor, yahoo!).  I’m taking advantage this week of our full house since Melanie is gearing up for a trip to the Island next week and ustine will be house manager at the Katimavik house. Thomas and I will have to fend for ourselves!

This is our first week without Chelcie and a day hasn’t gone by yet where someone doesn’t says “I miss Chelcie.” She was such a great worker, and I know I couldn’t have gotten through my first month at this job without her help and guidance. We miss you Chelcie!! Good luck in Nova Scotia!

This Friday if you’re in the Happy Valley – Goose Bay area, why not stop into the office? As a part of Culture Days we’re having an open house! We’ll have tea and coffee (if I ever figure out how to use that machine) and maybe cookies! You can come on by and see how it’s done!

I’m off to work more on the magazine 🙂 I hope that all you readers will enjoy reading it as much as I have been enjoying making  it!


Happy Trails!




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One response to “Happy Wednesday!

  1. HI! My name is Sarah too!!! and I am at a Katimavik house near James bay.

    Its cool that you are blogging about your experiance, as is Justine (I saw one of her enteries too.)

    It was cool to see your posts, keep it up!!! XD

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