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Last Week of Summer!

Hey everyone! Hope your week was good! Excited for the Hurricane that might come! I have never been near one so I don’t know what to expect or what to do! In Alberta we do not get them we get tornadoes and big thunder storms! This is my last day at Them Days in August. Next week I am house manager and that will bring us into September. So I only have a month left in Goose Bay and only 2 weeks and 3 days of work left! The time is going by really fast! I am going to miss Goose Bay and maybe I will miss all the sand!

This week has gone by fast! I have had my second french class and my third french class! The teacher is moving on now and I still barely know the stuff she taught in the first two classes! I think I may be able to pick words from a sentence and maybe get what they are saying! But I am having fun in the class and it is like the only class you don’t get homework in!

Yesterday 4 people from my group, including me went to help set up for the Canoe race this weekend! The day was not as busy as we planned but we now know what to expect this weekend! The race is going to be crazy and to get the boat into the water the people have a hard trail to get it down! I am really looking forward to this weekend and enjoying the canoe race. It looks really crazy and really fun. It is a 2 day event and Them Days has a boat in it too! Hope to see you down there this weekend!

At Them Days I have been scanning negatives and organizing the reading room. The reading room is a big mess! It is lots of work to clean but it is looking better slowly! I have also been organizing the VFPL files still. They are coming along but each file has so much work to it that it looks like not work has been done but lots of work has! One day all the files will be in order again…

Next weekend after this one is our weekend off! I am hoping to go camp in the backyard with a few of friends! I also want to get gifts for my family and Christmas presents! There is only around a 100 days till Christmas! Start shopping soon!  So I will see you September 6! Have a good first day back to school and in enjoy the last week of your summer! I find it weird not going to school! I miss the shopping, seeing my friends, and finding out my new class!

See You in September!



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Trip to Rigolet

This past weekend I got to spend some time in the lovely Rigolet!


My friend Rochelle Rich took me on a tour and showed me some of the great views that this place has to offer!

This one is for everyone who doesn't understand what I mean when I say "The sky is just BIGGER in Labrador!"


I also tried a few of the local plants.

Not too sure what this is called. When you peel back the leaves and eat the seeds it tastes like green beans with a bit too much pepper.


"Skunk berries" Yes, they taste exactly how you would expect. I'm still trying to get it out of my mouth!


Locals doing some fishing!


Rochelle’s brother-in-law, Winston, offered to take us out on the boat to explore the water. Me, being the overly excitable person that I am, jumped right into the boat without checking to see if there was something in my way. From what I can remember, my foot tripped on a grapple and my ankle collapsed in on itself. I heard this god-awful SNAP and I just collapsed onto the boat floor.

Ow. Such a little word to describe such a BIG PAIN.  I insisted we continue on with the tour, though. Winston drove us around the bay, and I saw the most beautiful evening sun. By the end of it, my ankle had enough and I was taken to the local clinic (on the back of a pick up truck, no less 🙂 )

Taken after I hurt my ankle. See why I was ignoring the pain? Gorgeous.

The local nurse opened the clinic up and took a look at my ankle for me. It was too swollen at the time to tell what I had done, so she gave me some pain killers and wrapped my foot up.

The next morning I went back and she put a back splint on my foot, and wrapped it up again. I was moving my ankle by this point, so she said I hadn’t broken it.



Moral of the story? DON’T JUMP INTO BOATS WITHOUT LOOKING. It causes pain.

Severly sprained ankle and sore muscles aside, I had a really great time in Rigolet. Thank you to the Rich family for putting me up, and for taking such good care of me after my accident.

Later on this week I will tell you about my adventure in getting on and off the Northern Ranger while going home.  Good story, that one.
Happy Trails!


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Hey! Hope your weekend was good! It is Monday, I hate Mondays ! There so long and boring!

I had a really fun weekend! I went to Muskrat Falls. The hike was not too long but it was really hot and I didn’t like all the mud! I did fall though and hurt my elbow! It really hurts and I can’t move my arm very much! Then on Sunday we went to Peace Rock. The hike up sucked but it was not as hot, so I was not boiling! When we found the rock it was cool and a great view! I sat at the waterfall with some of the group well others followed another path. It was way easier down!

This is my last week working here in August. Next week I am house manager.  Then we go into September and only have 2 weeks and 3 days left at Them Days. 😦 I am really enjoying it here. I love Goose Bay and Them Days! But I will enjoy my time here and get as much out of Goose Bay as I can!

Have a good week!


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End of The Week!

Hey! It is Friday! This week went by way to fast! I think I have been half asleep though most of the day, so it is making it go by faster! This weekends our group has been big plans. But the rain might ruin them! Although I am really enjoying the rain and the fact that I can have hot chocolate! Our plan is to go to Muskrat Falls on Saturday and on Sunday we have planned to go to Peace Rock.

Last night was my first French Class ever! It was fun but she went to fast and I don’t think I learned anything! My group has all token French before but I haven’t so I am really far behind them. The lady was keeping up to them and I kept getting lost! I am going to try to get some of the French people to try to help me! First I need to learn the ABC’s! Stating from the beginning!

Yesterday I was looking though photos a lot for the next issue. I found photos for the gallery in December. I found some really cools ones and am really excited to put them in the magazine. I also started looking for photos for the cover and the back. I have some photos picked out, now I need to narrow the search down! I also looked through the book that people sign and found some really cool signatures to put into the December issue as well!


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Half Way through Goose Bay!

I am half through my first rotation at Goose Bay! I am having lots of fun and am really busy at Them Days. We are still reorganizing the VFPL files.. It is so much work! The first list got erased, when I was almost done the second list, Sarah found the original list! I am so glad were done with the list! Now we are going though the books that list all the VFPL’s (there is 3 books!) and looking at the folders and seeing if they match. If not we have to fix it! A lot of them need updating and it is taking a long time to do!

My group is now starting French Classes tomorrow! I am really excited to start learning more French. We have filled up the last 42 days we have left in Goose Bay. We have a trip to Mud Lake planned, our time off, lots of volunteering and I am house manager again at the end of the month. There are lots of events planned for our time left in Goose Bay. Then we go to Manitoba. I am looking forward to Manitoba, I do love it here, but Manitoba is a lot closer to home! Well I am here I will enjoy the sand and the hills! I miss my flat land!


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Well, I’m back!

Good morning blog-readers,

As you may have determined from Justine’s last post, I have returned. I had a lot of fun in New Brunswick, but I am happy to be back at Them Days! Who needs to sleep in every morning, see your baby niece and nephew, hang out with your parents and sister, or see old friends? Not me! *sniff sniff*

In all seriousness, I’m glad to back to some semblance of a routine.  I also was treated to some surprises when I came to work yesterday! Birdhouse Garden Market has been hard at work transforming the drab and dreary area around our building to match the fabulousness that is our interior.

The start of a beautiful flower bed!

Our new flagpole and flower pot benches

The view around back. More flower pots!

No, this isn't a jail cell. We've been having issues with people sleeping in the alcoves, leaving garbage, BURNING the siding with lighters, and writing grafitti on the walls. This was Birdhouse's solution!

I finished the final draft for our next issue and am waiting on the Editorial Comittee to approve it! Come September you will have a brand new Them Days in your hands edited by moi! So exciting 🙂 .

Happy Trails!


PS: I am not as loud as Justine would have you believe…:) I’m LOUDER!

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Back at the House

Hey! Hope your weekend was good! I really enjoyed the sun and how warm it was. But it is not as warm as it gets in Alberta! I miss the crazy hot weather!

I am done billeting now! I went back to the house last night. My PL really missed us, she was so happy to see us!  She had so much energy, she kept running down the hallway! I really like billeting and wish I could have done it longer! I had so much fun and the bed was nicer to sleep on! I am glad to see my group again though and to start French Classes! I don’t know any French so  I am really excited to start them. I think we start on Tuesday.

Sarah is back now!  The office is loud again and not scary quite! She is finishing up the magazine today! I can’t wait to read this one and send it back to Alberta to show my family and friends what I have been doing here! They can’t wait to see it and keep asking me when it will come out and how they can get a copy!

I have been in Goose Bay for a month and half now! I only have 43 days left in Goose Bay, till I go to Manitoba. I am going to miss Goose Bay and wish I could stay to go Dog Sledding in the winter. I went Dog Sledding once before and had lots of fun, it would have been fun to go again. Maybe they will have Dog Sledding in Manitoba….

For the last 43 days that I am here I need to get my shopping done! Today I am getting my mom her Christmas gift! She knows what it is but does not know that it is for Christmas of what it looks like. I need to get something for my dad and brother too. I don’t know what to get them! I found something little for everyone else but them! They are so hard to shop for!

Have a great week and hope it gets sunny again!



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