It’s August!

Hey! Last week was my week off. I really missed being here! 😦 But I am glad to be back and working again! It has been on month since  I arrived in Goose Bay! I really enjoy being here! But am missing the Alberta summer and the fresh fruit!

For the next 2 week Sarah is gone! 😦 The office is so quite without her talking up a storm! It will a quite and long two weeks without her here making time go faster! But she left me lots of work to do! Her computer erased work I spent 3 days on, now I have to do it again! Grrrr! But I guess I will do it again…

This week the Katimavik house goes into billeting! On Friday each one of us goes to a host family for 10 days. We get to see how families in Goose Bay live and the different kinds of food eaten in Labrador. I am really excited to go and experience more of Labrador. Today we get to meet the families and try to find one that we would like to stay with. Most of them have kids and dogs, which is a good thing, cause I miss my dogs and little cousins! I can’t wait to billet, 4 more days!

This past weekend we went to the Regatta! It was so much fun! We had to go in to the water to our neck and it started raining! The water was so cold but we manged to time every race! 5 of the girls (including me!) went in a race! We lost but still had lots of fun!

~Justine~     🙂


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