Hey! Hope your weekend was good! I am billeting now! Having so much fun! I got to watch T.V! I havent watched T.V. in such a long time! There is no T.V. in the katimavik house! It really suck sometimes not being able to have a T.V. But in my billets house there is a T.V in every room but the bathroom and I get sleep on a Queen size bed! It is so big I have to jump to get on to it! The 9-year-old is really cool and makes miss my little cousin who is a few years older but is in to the same things as the one that I am billeting with.

Today I am typing up old VFPL so they are all on the computer. It is a lot of work and can be really boring! But am about half way done!

Hope you enjoy the rain! I miss the big thunder storms that we always get back home!



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