Back at the House

Hey! Hope your weekend was good! I really enjoyed the sun and how warm it was. But it is not as warm as it gets in Alberta! I miss the crazy hot weather!

I am done billeting now! I went back to the house last night. My PL really missed us, she was so happy to see us!  She had so much energy, she kept running down the hallway! I really like billeting and wish I could have done it longer! I had so much fun and the bed was nicer to sleep on! I am glad to see my group again though and to start French Classes! I don’t know any French so  I am really excited to start them. I think we start on Tuesday.

Sarah is back now!  The office is loud again and not scary quite! She is finishing up the magazine today! I can’t wait to read this one and send it back to Alberta to show my family and friends what I have been doing here! They can’t wait to see it and keep asking me when it will come out and how they can get a copy!

I have been in Goose Bay for a month and half now! I only have 43 days left in Goose Bay, till I go to Manitoba. I am going to miss Goose Bay and wish I could stay to go Dog Sledding in the winter. I went Dog Sledding once before and had lots of fun, it would have been fun to go again. Maybe they will have Dog Sledding in Manitoba….

For the last 43 days that I am here I need to get my shopping done! Today I am getting my mom her Christmas gift! She knows what it is but does not know that it is for Christmas of what it looks like. I need to get something for my dad and brother too. I don’t know what to get them! I found something little for everyone else but them! They are so hard to shop for!

Have a great week and hope it gets sunny again!




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