Half Way through Goose Bay!

I am half through my first rotation at Goose Bay! I am having lots of fun and am really busy at Them Days. We are still reorganizing the VFPL files.. It is so much work! The first list got erased, when I was almost done the second list, Sarah found the original list! I am so glad were done with the list! Now we are going though the books that list all the VFPL’s (there is 3 books!) and looking at the folders and seeing if they match. If not we have to fix it! A lot of them need updating and it is taking a long time to do!

My group is now starting French Classes tomorrow! I am really excited to start learning more French. We have filled up the last 42 days we have left in Goose Bay. We have a trip to Mud Lake planned, our time off, lots of volunteering and I am house manager again at the end of the month. There are lots of events planned for our time left in Goose Bay. Then we go to Manitoba. I am looking forward to Manitoba, I do love it here, but Manitoba is a lot closer to home! Well I am here I will enjoy the sand and the hills! I miss my flat land!



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