Well, I’m back!

Good morning blog-readers,

As you may have determined from Justine’s last post, I have returned. I had a lot of fun in New Brunswick, but I am happy to be back at Them Days! Who needs to sleep in every morning, see your baby niece and nephew, hang out with your parents and sister, or see old friends? Not me! *sniff sniff*

In all seriousness, I’m glad to back to some semblance of a routine.  I also was treated to some surprises when I came to work yesterday! Birdhouse Garden Market has been hard at work transforming the drab and dreary area around our building to match the fabulousness that is our interior.

The start of a beautiful flower bed!

Our new flagpole and flower pot benches

The view around back. More flower pots!

No, this isn't a jail cell. We've been having issues with people sleeping in the alcoves, leaving garbage, BURNING the siding with lighters, and writing grafitti on the walls. This was Birdhouse's solution!

I finished the final draft for our next issue and am waiting on the Editorial Comittee to approve it! Come September you will have a brand new Them Days in your hands edited by moi! So exciting 🙂 .

Happy Trails!


PS: I am not as loud as Justine would have you believe…:) I’m LOUDER!


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One response to “Well, I’m back!

  1. Jackie Michaud

    Well Sarah nice to see where you work…you’ll have to post pictures once the flowers are in some nice fall mums would like nice. It was nice seeing you when you were home and glad to see your back into the swing of things. Uncle Floyd missed seeing you this trip but maybe next time he throughly enjoyed Africa and is threatening to go back again but Liv “no way Pop not going back to Afica” lol Love Aunt Jackie

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