Trip to Rigolet

This past weekend I got to spend some time in the lovely Rigolet!


My friend Rochelle Rich took me on a tour and showed me some of the great views that this place has to offer!

This one is for everyone who doesn't understand what I mean when I say "The sky is just BIGGER in Labrador!"


I also tried a few of the local plants.

Not too sure what this is called. When you peel back the leaves and eat the seeds it tastes like green beans with a bit too much pepper.


"Skunk berries" Yes, they taste exactly how you would expect. I'm still trying to get it out of my mouth!


Locals doing some fishing!


Rochelle’s brother-in-law, Winston, offered to take us out on the boat to explore the water. Me, being the overly excitable person that I am, jumped right into the boat without checking to see if there was something in my way. From what I can remember, my foot tripped on a grapple and my ankle collapsed in on itself. I heard this god-awful SNAP and I just collapsed onto the boat floor.

Ow. Such a little word to describe such a BIG PAIN.  I insisted we continue on with the tour, though. Winston drove us around the bay, and I saw the most beautiful evening sun. By the end of it, my ankle had enough and I was taken to the local clinic (on the back of a pick up truck, no less 🙂 )

Taken after I hurt my ankle. See why I was ignoring the pain? Gorgeous.

The local nurse opened the clinic up and took a look at my ankle for me. It was too swollen at the time to tell what I had done, so she gave me some pain killers and wrapped my foot up.

The next morning I went back and she put a back splint on my foot, and wrapped it up again. I was moving my ankle by this point, so she said I hadn’t broken it.



Moral of the story? DON’T JUMP INTO BOATS WITHOUT LOOKING. It causes pain.

Severly sprained ankle and sore muscles aside, I had a really great time in Rigolet. Thank you to the Rich family for putting me up, and for taking such good care of me after my accident.

Later on this week I will tell you about my adventure in getting on and off the Northern Ranger while going home.  Good story, that one.
Happy Trails!



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