Last Week of Summer!

Hey everyone! Hope your week was good! Excited for the Hurricane that might come! I have never been near one so I don’t know what to expect or what to do! In Alberta we do not get them we get tornadoes and big thunder storms! This is my last day at Them Days in August. Next week I am house manager and that will bring us into September. So I only have a month left in Goose Bay and only 2 weeks and 3 days of work left! The time is going by really fast! I am going to miss Goose Bay and maybe I will miss all the sand!

This week has gone by fast! I have had my second french class and my third french class! The teacher is moving on now and I still barely know the stuff she taught in the first two classes! I think I may be able to pick words from a sentence and maybe get what they are saying! But I am having fun in the class and it is like the only class you don’t get homework in!

Yesterday 4 people from my group, including me went to help set up for the Canoe race this weekend! The day was not as busy as we planned but we now know what to expect this weekend! The race is going to be crazy and to get the boat into the water the people have a hard trail to get it down! I am really looking forward to this weekend and enjoying the canoe race. It looks really crazy and really fun. It is a 2 day event and Them Days has a boat in it too! Hope to see you down there this weekend!

At Them Days I have been scanning negatives and organizing the reading room. The reading room is a big mess! It is lots of work to clean but it is looking better slowly! I have also been organizing the VFPL files still. They are coming along but each file has so much work to it that it looks like not work has been done but lots of work has! One day all the files will be in order again…

Next weekend after this one is our weekend off! I am hoping to go camp in the backyard with a few of friends! I also want to get gifts for my family and Christmas presents! There is only around a 100 days till Christmas! Start shopping soon!  So I will see you September 6! Have a good first day back to school and in enjoy the last week of your summer! I find it weird not going to school! I miss the shopping, seeing my friends, and finding out my new class!

See You in September!



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