16 Days Left :(

Hey! Hope your weekend was good! I didn’t end up going to Mud Lake. It fell through. So instead I had a lazy weekend and sat at home for the most of it. On Saturday we went to Sunday Hill and NWR museum. Then we drove around a bit. On Sunday we did a meeting in the afternoon. Before we leave Goose Bay we have to make letters for the new group coming in, write to our new PL (leader), do a final project about our time here. We have a lot to do in the 16 days that we have left here! Yep I am only here for 16 more days, 9 of those days are at Them Days. The time is going by way to fast and soon I will be going home! (I go home in about 97 days!) On Sunday night we had French Class. I have only had about 6 six classes of French, I understand a little bit! In Manitoba the community that we go to  is half French! Hopefully I have picked up on some that I can try to talk to French people!

Today at Them Days we went to the Northern Ranger. Sarah and I went to take magazines there and so I could see the boat! It was so big, I don’t think I have seen a boat that big in real life before! We don’t have big boats in Alberta! We have big trackers but not big boats! It was really cool and we stopped at the Happy Valley – Goose Bay sign to take photos! I love taking photos by signs! They are so touristy and fun to do!

Well for the second last weekend here we have big plans. Well kind of…. On Saturday me and 3 others are going to the Farmers Market to help out. Our group is making dog treats for the puppies! I am really looking forward to going to the farmers market! After that we are going to paint at the SPCA or birch brook, we don’t know which one yet. On Sunday we may be going to the sweat lodge. The group in NWR went and really liked it so I am looking forward t o going! That is how we are going to spend our second last weekend.

It is so sad that I have to leave soon! I don’t want to leave yet, winter is coming! I have 4 French classes left, 2 more PL nights, 1 more French activity, and only so much time to finish my shopping! I need to buy 3 pairs of moccasins, Goose Bay T-shirts, a card for my nana’s birthday, and if I find anything else that I like I will have to buy it too! I really need to do a big shopping trip in Goose Bay! On top of that I need to tell my mom what to send me for winter and I need to start packing soon. (I have a little bit but it still a little early but I don’t want to be stuck in the rush of people packing and doing laundry.)

Have a great week and enjoy fall! The leaves are changing color!



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