12 days of Goose Bays

Hey everyone! I have 12 days left in Goose Bay! I should start packing… my room is a big mess I really have lots of work to do! I have so much stuff to pack I don’t know how I am going to fit it all in! My bags will just be really full! It is really hard to live out of your suitcase and the have stuff for 6 months! I have my bedding, my clothes for work, for the weekend, and many other things that I can’t live without! My 2 bags are so full, I don’t know how the guys only brought one bag with them! I could never fit all my stuff in one bag!

This weekend the plan is to go to the market and help paint the SPCA and go to the sweat lodge. With the rain, wind and maybe snow I don’t know what we will be doing now! I really want to go to the Terry Fox run. But I walk it not run it! We now have French class Sunday morning too! Last night for some reason we never did class so now I have to get up on Sunday and learn something! So much for not getting up early to go to school….

Last night I bought almost all of gifts/Christmas stuff! At lunch today I am getting the rest! Then I will finally be done shopping here! Then in Manitoba I get to do more shopping! Then I can start packing tonight! I don’t think I will leave packing to the last-minute this time!

The last 12 Days of Goose Bay goes like this:

12: work today and free time

11: market and SPCA (maybe)

10: French class in the morning and then sweat lodge or Terry Fox Run

9: Them Days last week! Free Times

8: Them Days! Last French Class

7: Them Days! PL night

6: Them Days! French Class BBQ

5: Last Day at Them Days! 😦 and free time

4: Walk for life

3,2,1: Review of my time in Goose Bay

0: Leave at 9:40 and go to Manitoba

That is my last 12 days! I am excited to go but at the same time I don’t want to go! I am not done here there is so much still left to do!

Have a great weekend and stay dry! The weather looks crazy!



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