8 days left of Goose Bay

Hey everyone! Hope your weekend went well! This weekend was very relaxing and fun. On Saturday I was at Birch Brook and I cleaned upstairs. The place was really clean so it was not that much work. Then we had hot dogs and the people got a lot of veggie dogs because they thought a lot of group didn’t eat meat. But none of the vegetarian were there! And the veggie dogs were so gross! Nobody ate them! Sunday the group did the Terry Fox run! Well we did the Terry Fox walk! I walked 7km and was tired after walking for a long time. The people I walked with were very slow and it took us a long time walk! Sunday morning we have French Class at 10, way to early! We learned some key words for interviews. Today is our last French class! My French is way better and I can understand a little bit better. I am sad that today is our last class I really liked the teacher! She never gave homework!

Yesterday I went to the elders home. The elders were really happy I came, and didn’t want me to leave. They asked when I was coming back and if they will ever see me again! They are so cute! In the morning I played cards with some of the senior that love to play crazy eights! In the afternoon we played bingo. The lady I was helping was always so close to winning and then someone else would win! I haven’t played Bingo in such a long time! After bingo we walked to the gift shop twice. The first time the one lady didn’t want to go and then when we came back she was ready to go! I had lots of fun with the seniors but missed coming to work!

So as you read I only have eight days left! I have started packing and finding were things need to go! When you are here for 3 months you have lots to clean up! I have to try to remember how I fit everything in! Although I did send stuff home and right now I think I have more room. This is my last week of work! I am going to miss it so much! I only have 3 days left and on Thursday we have a final presentation at 3. So I have to get off work early. It is very sad to be leaving, I am going to miss Labrador so much!

The last days are not very busy so we can pack and get ready to get on the plane at 9:40am. This week we have a lot of free time to pack. Tonight is the last French Class, tomorrow is PL night, Thursday is a BBQ, and Friday is free time. This weekend we are busy Saturday at the Walk for Life (hope to see you there!) and on Sunday at 2 we are heading down to do a Sweat Lodge. I have no idea what it is but are group is doing it.  The last 2 days are just packing and cleaning the house. Then I go to Manitoba and the group in Manitoba comes here.

It is hard to believe that Katimavik is almost over! I am half way done now! In Manitoba the group will be billeting of 2 weeks, instead of 9 days. Some people are not happy to billeting that long but I thought we would be billeting the whole time we were here! I really like billeting so I am really excited to go and billet again! The jobs there are said to be a lot of labor. Doing  a lot of labor is not my thing, but hopefully I can find another cool job like Them Days.

Hopefully you will have a good week. I know I will enjoy my last 3 days of work!



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