Better late than never, I say!

After a few weeks of broken computers, hurricanes keeping needed parts away, and other such delays, Them Days Issue 35.3 is HERE! We’ve sent them out to our subscribers last week, and as of today they should be at most of our normal retailers.

We also have the brand-spankin-new 2012 Them Days calendar for sale! $10 gets you a full year of beautiful Labrador photos.

If you have a chance, you should come to the office and check out the Silent Auction that we have going on! Lovely pieces of art work from local Labradorian artists. The auction will be held here until Friday, with a final chance to bid at the Them Days Music Benefit. This is happening at 7pm this Saturday at the Lawerence O’Brien centre. Come one come all!

Click here to see the poster!


Later this week, I’m planning on writing up a post about the Culture Days event we had this past Saturday (which was marvelous, by the way), as well as some pictures from my trip to Peter’s Falls this past Sunday morning!
Happy Trails!




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