Job Description?

Hello again.

Now would probably be a good time for me to give some insight into what I actually do here. Yaaay!

For the most part, I spend my days digitizing the dusty old cassette tapes that Them Days keeps in the back corner of the archives. The task itself is a little bit mindless, but I understand its importance, as I have unfortunately had to take note of a few of the older tapes which have already begun to deteriorate. The recordings on the tapes are to be moved onto “100 year discs,” which Sarah just told me have some sort of epic anti scratch coating on them. This means that when the enormous task of moving all of those old interviews, journal readings, musical recordings and other pieces of audio is complete, they will be usable by history enthusiasts such as myself that will be alive in the 22nd century. Not to mention the fact that many cassettes worth of sound can be stored on just one disc, greatly reducing the amount of space that all these recordings will take up; allowing for even more history to be stored in the archives. Yay for more history!

But, digitizing cassettes isn’t the only thing I’m good for around here. I’ve also been known to check over the new shipments of magazines and calendars for printing errors, type up  new submissions for the next issue of Them Days, get the mail, sweep, clean up mysteriously large stains on the bathroom floor and do pretty much anything else that someone in the office needs help with.

That’s all for now, but you can expect more updates next week as I hack my way through the 824 tapes we have in the back.

– Gerard


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