Goose Bay Adventure

Another exciting update from Gerard!

Due to our usual place of work being occupied by some other official business practices, Sarah and I took on the job of going out this afternoon to pick up a few things for the office. Specifically, garbage bags and pencil sharpeners.We were able to find the garbage bags pretty easily at Northmart, but the seemingly simple task of acquiring a common product like a pack of pencil sharpeners is deceptively difficult in Goose Bay.

The first store we entered, falsely hoping to buy pencil sharpeners, was the dollar store in the H&R, as it has an entire aisle dedicated to school supplies as well as being slightly larger than the other dollar store in Goose Bay. Unfortunately for us, the H&R dollar store apparently doesn’t consider pencil sharpeners to be of the same tier as other school supplies, and therefore doesn’t sell them.

The next step of our quest to obtain pencil sharpeners took the two of us to the local Northmart. As I said earlier, this is where we got the garbage bags; and why wouldn’t we? After all, Northmart has incredible selection and is stocked with virtually every household product that a human being or even domesticated animal could ask for. Unless, of course, there are human beings or domesticated animals out there who might ask for pencil sharpeners. Just like the dollar store in the H&R, Northmart has a section dedicated entirely to school supplies, and just like the dollar store in the H&R, Northmart chooses not to include pencil sharpeners in this section, or anywhere else in the store.

Feeling disheartened, Sarah and I went to the other dollar store in Goose Bay, but our hopes weren’t incredibly high. After all, it only made sense for this dollar store to be as vacant of pencil sharpeners as the previous one, seeing as dollar stores tend to have pretty much the same stock no matter where you go. Why would this one be any different? I have no idea why, but it was. Sarah and I were able to finally track down the pencil sharpeners at what seemed to bean unlikely establishment.

It took most of the afternoon, but we finally got them, which is fantastic, because anyone who has ever tried to use one of the pencils at Them Days can back me up when I say that this facility was, up until now, in dire need of some pencil sharpeners.

Until next time,

– Gerard


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