Babies, Chocolate, And Oodles of Snow

I woke up this morning from a wonderful dream (something about a castle made of trampolines) to my roommate yelling in my ear about how she had slept in and hadn’t set the alarm and “Alexandra! It’s past 8:00!”

Since I get picked up at 8:00 for work, I was understandably alarmed, and I vaulted myself out of bed (not advisable when you sleep on the top bunk), and raced down the hallway. I was just settling into a sizable panic when someone informed me that, in high school terms, there was a snow day. “Them Days” was closed due to massive amounts of snow. And when I say massive, I don’t mean just snow up to your knees. I mean snow up to your waist. Snow up to your neck. Tons of snow. Oodles of snow.

So I went back to bed and slept for a good three hours more.

Upon waking for the second time that day, which was a substantially more pleasant experience than the first time, I was informed that I needed to get ready because I was getting picked up to go to “Them Days” for the afternoon. So in an hour or so, I found myself in front of the building, shovel in hand, trying to make a dent in the snow covering the steps and the wheelchair ramp. Even with three of us, we couldn’t do much more than to clear enough of a path to get to the door. If anyone with a wheelchair felt like today was the day to make an excursion to “Them Days”, I’m afraid to say that they would not be able to get in.

It almost seems like the world is against us sending out the new issue!

At the start of the week, we received the new issue, 35.4, from our publisher, and we are in the process of trying to get everything ready for them to be released. It’s been a very hectic week so far! I missed work due to being ill on Tuesday, and today we had an entire winter’s worth of snow from my hometown dumped on us, but we are not deterred.

On Wednesday, we spent most of the day stuffing envelopes and organizing things with the new edition.

Note the large box of chocolate sitting on the table. Never let it be said that the people at “Them Days” don’t know how to inspire their workers to work harder!

Our current editor and administrator, Tara and Patricia, are both fairly new to this because they are filling in for the usual people while they are away on maternity leave. Since this is the first time that this team of people has gone through the “mailing out the new issue” process, Aimee and Melanie, the usual editor and administrator, came in to help us out and give us some pointers on what to do!

And with them they brought two guests; our littlest volunteers.

We got to meet Beatrix,

and Carson.

But our work here is not done yet! Hopefully we will be able to have the new issue ready for sale soon. And to help that process along the way, I need to get off this computer and start actually doing something productive.

Live long and prosper,



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