A Fearsome Thing Called A Cassette Player

I have learned throughout my life that there are some things you just shouldn’t attempt to battle.

Such as a lion, a polar bear, my sister, or sleep (without my morning coffee to back me up).

Well, I can add something new to that list. Two things, actually.

Cassette players, and laptops with Windows on them.

In order to digitize the old interviews on the cassettes in the archive, I need to plug the cassette player into the line in jack of the laptop and use Audacity (a program for recording things) to record the audio on the cassette while it plays. I have Audacity on my own laptop, and I use it for recording my voice and playing instruments and the like using the built in laptop microphone. So one day during my break, I decided to see if there was a built in mic on the “Them Days” laptop. I forgot that I have worse luck than a person who opens umbrellas indoors, smashes mirrors as a pastime, and was born on Friday the 13th, and I forgot that my laptop is not a Windows computer. I was simply curious.

Note to self: there is a reason that curiosity killed the cat.

Inevitably, I managed to do something wrong, and when it came time to plug the cassette player back in and resume digitizing, it refused to work.

This resulted in Tara and I sitting there for about an hour and a half, attempting to fix whatever it was that I had messed up. I initially tried to battle through it alone, only to find that it was definitely a problem requiring two minds. Windows and the cassette player had apparently teamed up as an almost insurmountable foe, taunting us with their confusing-ness.

Eventually, we did get them to grudgingly shuffle back in line and work properly. I can now continue my job, but it was not an easy process by any stretch of the mind.

The moral of the story is this: don’t get curious and try to fight with the old technology, or try to make it do what you say. No, no. It goes the other way around. You are the slave to it.

May your days be filled with technology that is easy to understand.

Live long and prosper,




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2 responses to “A Fearsome Thing Called A Cassette Player

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