Ordinary Days At Them Days

It’s been a fairly ordinary week at “Them Days”! Digitizing cassettes, shovelling snow, eating lunch, setting off the alarm again accidentally and having to talk to the police…(I’m still not sure whether I should be proud of or disturbed by my increased efficiency when dealing with police)

A few new things have happened to break the calm flow of everyday life. I burned popcorn in the microwave, for instance, which left an unholy stench that has not quite drifted away. The popcorn, sadly deceased before it could even be consumed, was meant for us to eat as we watched some videos on oral history and on “Them Days” itself. We still watched them and learned a great deal. I, in particular, now have a lot of respect for Doris Saunders, the first editor of “Them Days”. I also am now working on putting together a selection of pictures for the gallery in the middle of the magazine, so I get to look through the extensive database of pictures on the computer. That alone is an experience in itself; seeing all those images from the past makes it feel almost as if one could step through the computer screen and into the old Labrador reflected there in the pictures, and the black and white would explode into colour.

Another highlight of these seemingly ordinary days is when I hear interesting things on the cassette tapes while digitizing them. There were several tapes that seemed to consist purely of people, even a little boy at one point, singing old songs, songs of their culture. There was even a tape with old gossip, a story of how a woman’s fiancée went away for the winter months to work somewhere else, and while he was gone, she met another man and started carrying on with him!

So even on the ordinary days, there are always things happening around here.

Live long and prosper,



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