How Time Flies And Billeting Is Crazy

It’s occurred to me that I didn’t do a blog post for last week.


A large part of that is due to my own ineptitude, but I also tend to wait to put up the post until the end of the week. However, last week, some crazy things happened around that time, distracting me from my given duties. What crazy things, you ask?

One word, lots of mess: billeting.

Billeting is when we Katimavikers get adopted for ten days (I think it is ten days… memory is not my strong suit) by a family in the host community, which, in this case, is Happy Valley Goose Bay. Now, I was slated to go and spend my billet time with Sarah, the previous editor of Them Days, and also my French teacher. But then, on the day that we were supposed to ship out to our billet families, Sarah had a fire in her kitchen, courtesy of some popcorn she was trying to cook.


She was fine, and so were her cats, but the house itself was a little smelly and sooty and basically unpleasant to live in. So it was decided that I would spend the weekend with another family, and I would go to Sarah’s place on Monday, because she would have her house cleaned up by then. I chose to go with Theresa, who is actually chair of the Them Days board. She already had two of the boys from my Katima-family billeting with her, but I was fine sleeping on the couch, and I really enjoyed my weekend with that family, especially hanging out with Theresa’s daughter, Sandra. We both have an appreciation for a certain British actor, and we dragged one of the boys out to see a movie on Saturday (the movie was War Horse) that the actor we liked was in. It was cool for me, because I hadn’t seen the movie theatre here until then. It was much smaller than the one I go to back at home, but I liked it a lot better, actually.

Half of the fun of the movie was squealing over the actor with Sandra every time he appeared on screen, and the other half lay in watching Charles, the boy we had brought with us, squirm and wince every time the French people in the movie spoke.

“They sound so wrong!” he said.

“It’s a France French accent,” I explained, trying to placate him (and possibly enjoying his distress at the same time). “Not a Quebecois one.”

“I don’t like iiiitttt….”

Alright, so maybe I’m exagerrating a little, but it was funny. I actually really enjoyed the movie (“But it was cheesy!” “Shush, Charles. I liked it.”) and I sort of wish that I could’ve spent some more time at Theresa’s house with all of them. However, I’m going to Sarah’s place tonight, and I know we will have a great time too.

A quick update on things at Them Days! We are definitely kicking into top gear now, and things are moving faster. To make sure I don’t get behind, I made myself a handy-dandy list, entitled, “Things Alexandra Should Be Doing”, with the subtitle of “(Have you done these? No? Do THEM!)”, and stuck it to the corkboard right  above my workstation, so that I don’t forget. I even drew a menacing cartoon to inspire me further. Tara and I have been working on editing and reviewing some articles that have been submitted, and I have been doing some transcribing of interviews as well.

And although this is something that happened this week, not last week, we have received a new addition to our girl’s club here: Tracy, who is going to be our archivist! She started work yesterday, and seems like she’ll be a great member of the staff!

Well, I need to stop doing work I should’ve done last week, and start doing my work for this week! Wish me luck with my transcribing!

Live long and prosper,



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