Hello Them Days followers!

My name is Brett and I am the new Katimavik volunteer here at Them Days. I am very excited to work here for the next three months and can’t wait to learn about all Labradorean history! I am from a town in Ontario called Cobourg but my Katimavik group and I just moved from St.Pierre Jolys, MB. Cobourg’s population is roughly 18,000 and I thought it was a small town until jut a few days ago when I heard that Labrador’s entire population consists of 30-32,000(ish) people. I now consider my home town to be a small city.

So far Labrador has been awesome! The copious amounts of snow has allowed myself and my Katima-family to dig a snow shelter in our front lawn big enough for the whole group (10 people) and the day after we arrived here we went tobogganing and man oh man was that intense.

Incase some of you are wondering my favorite activities are reading/ writing, swimming, longboarding, snowboarding, hiking, canoeing, fishing and playing videogames (preferably listening to music while doing all that).

This bloging is new to me but I will do my best to keep it as up to date and interesting as possible.

See you on the flip side




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  1. Mom of Brett

    Great Blog Brett. I can’t wait to see your next blog and read all about Labrador. Our entire family is interested in history so we can’t wait to read what you have learned. Til’ next time…

  2. Frank Quinn

    Welcome and congratulations to your new place in life Master Brett, keep us posted please! Goose Bay must have many interesting things to write about.

  3. Frank Quinn

    Hey Brett,
    nice new blog, Muskrat Falls must be a very peaceful place

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