Long Time No See

Hello Labradoreans and readers alike! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve been super busy with digitizing and Katimavik duties. Last week I stayed home to house manage. House managing is when two Katimavik stay home for a week to clean up after everyone, grocery shop and make meals for the other volunteers who go to their work placements. Sounds fun? Wrong. Most volunteers are lucky enough to only have to do this once per rotation but I (unfortunately) have been chosen to do it twice.

Last weekend My Katimafamily and I went dog sledding, possibly my favorite Labrador experience so far. While only two of us got to ride the dogsled at one time (and no, I didn’t fall once) the rest of us still got to ride in a komatik! I also enjoyed petting the dogs, in Katimavik we aren’t allowed to have any household pets so we’re deprived of animal affection.

As a house manager I had to spend the week baking goods to sell at the rummage sale that was at the Legion on Saturday. We were selling bread, cookies, tarts, muffins and even pie as a fund raiser for our C.C.P (Collective Community Project). Our CCP will consist of a book with tips on reducing, reusing and recycling and living an overall more eco friendly lifestyle in Labrador.

As for here at Them Days our editor, Tara has worked tirelessly to finish the latest issue, starting work on Friday at 9am and not finishing until 6am on Saturday! The issue is currently off to be printed and should be expected to come out next month.

until next time

– Brett


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