One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Good morning Labrador, things here at Them Days are at a norm. As usual today, I’m digitizing cassettes and helping out around the office any way I can. We’re getting ready for our Spring Cleaning Event around here. It’s happening  May 25-26, so feel free to donate you Labrador memorabilia. We’ve also been awaiting the arrival of our latest issue, it should be here and ready to be reviewed within the next few days!

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have had my French teacher, Emily Lafrancois take me on a hike to Muskrat Falls. The walk was long and treacherous. With every step we took, we sank at least up to our knees in cold, wet, half melted snow. This trek took us about an hour to get to the second lookout point (apparently the better of the three) but in the end it was %100 worth it and walking back was only half as bad because we could walk in our own tracks.



Adios Amigos



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