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We have grass!

As you may know, Them Days has been having some landscaping done. It’s all been part of the long-term plan to upgrade the building. The construction was finished awhile ago, and now we’re beautifying the outside. It is really making our building look quite lovely, and I’ve even seen some people sitting on the benches. I think it’s great to have Them Days looking so good from the outside, like the proud cultural institution it is! Because of the new landscaping (and the fact that there’s a new building going up in the lot behind us), we won’t have ski-doos and four-wheelers zooming by all the time (nearly mowing down pedestrians in the meanwhile), and the whole lot will be much less dusty!

Anyway, on Friday when I was heading out to the post office, I noticed something wonderful: grass! The seeds had been planted in the middle of a heat wave and water ban, so we were all a little worried about the grass. The Town said people could only water their grass between 7pm and 7am, so all our watering duties have been completed by volunteer work in the evenings.

When I saw the grass, I was so excited. There hadn’t been grass there just a couple hours earlier! I was going to tell Tracy right away and take a photo for the blog!…but that didn’t happen. I was completely distracted by something when I got back to the office. Then, later that evening, when I was out for a walk around the block, I noticed a truck at Them Days. “Who is that?” I wondered. Then I realized it was Linda, our Treasurer. Sure enough, there she was! (And, in typical Them Days fashion, she wasn’t alone, as her husband was there too…Them Days spouses are never safe from involuntary volunteer work!* 😉 ) So of course I had to stop by and say hello!

Linda was very excited to show me the grass, which reminded me that I had been planning to get a photo of it. So I ran inside, got the camera, and snapped these pictures.

The photo doesn’t do it justice, but isn’t the new green of young plants so pretty?

Linda watering the newly sprouted grass.

Hooray! Next Culture Days, we will have a nice carpet of grass beneath our feet!


* Obviously, I am joking about the involuntary volunteer work…Them Days spouses are only too happy to help out when needed! 🙂


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Live from Expo!

Me, Susan and Tracy at the Expo.

Today I write to you from Labrador’s annual trade show, Expo Labrador! I’ve been meeting so many people. I really love it when I get to work the Expo booth. This year, I was a little worried about it for the first time, as I have a lot of work to do at the office, and I had to drop off my baby at the baby-sitter’s for the first time ever just before coming here yesterday, but it’s all working out just fine! I’ve met a lot of people, as I mentioned earlier–some that I’ve corresponded with via e-mail and phone for years! And I’ve been able to sit down with the Board members volunteering at the booth and talk with them, which I haven’t been able to do in the past year. And we have some new faces and Susan, our Chair, has returned after a few years off the Board, so we’ve been doing a lot of catch-up. It really has been a lovely time! (And the baby, if you’re wondering, is just fine and with a great sitter, so no worries there.)

The Expo is quite busy this year, and there are so many interesting booths around. I’ll probably sneak off from the booth in a few minutes and see what everybody has on display! Maybe we can strike up a partnership with somebody!


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Good thing I love being busy, because this week has been go-go-go so far! (And it’s only Tuesday morning, and promises to stay like this all week!)

Yesterday morning, Tracy and I brought some magazines up to the Northern Ranger. We’ve got a little kiosk in the cafeteria with a selection of note cards, back issues, postcards, calendars, special issues, and of course, the current issue. It’s fun to think that people can buy a copy of Them Days as they travel up the coast! Tourists discovering stories about the new places they’re visiting, grandmothers reading stories to their grandchildren, a bored 20-something looking for something to read, a frequent reader finding that back issue that’s been missing from their collection since they lent it to their cousin…imagine all the possiblities!

This week is also Expo time…yesterday we worked that booth from 12-5, and it runs all day today. So stop by and say hello if you’re in the area!

I’m also working on the latest issue, having committee meetings before the Board meeting next week, and we’ll be hiring a summer student too. And, as always, I’m sure there will be other things popping up, and there are little things to do as well (but I won’t bore you with all that). But that’s what’s on my plate so far. How about yours?


P.S. If you’ve been following the fires up here, it was announced yesterday that everybody in Sheshatshiu and North West River can go home! They must be so relieved. I think everybody is relieved for them! Now let’s get some more rain! I’ve been enjoying riding my bike again for the first time since December 2010 (by the time bike weather came about in the following spring, I was too large and it was too awkward/uncomfortable for a largely pregnant lady to be riding a bike!) but I would much rather rain to help douse fires than to have nice cycling weather! I know, I know, fires are good for the ecosystem…but I’d rather they stay far away!

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My unprofessional assistant

Them Days has a long history of babies in the building. I’m not just talking about last spring, when Melanie, Jill and I were all pregnant at once. At that point there hadn’t been a Them Days baby in awhile, then there was a boom. I suppose there was Amanda, but her contract ended not long before her baby was born. But no Them Days office baby in awhile.

If you look through old Them Days magazines, you’ll see references to tiny helpers, and if you dig through some photos in the archive, you’ll come across photographic evidence too. One of my good friends worked here as a summer student back in the day, and she has fond memories of quiet, happy, easy office babies. I guess that’s all part of working at a small non-profit.

In the spirit of that history, I’ve had a little helper of my own this week during the afternoons. Her communication skills aren’t great, but she can usually get her message across, and loudly if need be. She’s a bit of a messy eater, and I’ve been sweeping up Cheerios when she’s gone. She is fascinated by telephones and office equipment, and gets easily distracted by old, non-functioning computer mice. She steals Tracy’s jewellery and puts it in her mouth, or bashes it on the floor. She’s a little melodramatic and cries when she doesn’t get what she wants. She mostly wants to play and look at the same books again and again. She sleeps on the job. (Though, to be honest, I’m relieved when she does.)

On the other hand, she smiles at most of the people who come by the office, and is pretty cute. If we attached Swiffer pads to her knees, we probably wouldn’t have to sweep at all (and her Swiffer-less knees are a good guage of when we need to clean the office). She’s really good at finding things and examining them, totally entranced by the tiniest things we might think consider unimportant. She finds new uses for cardboard boxes too.

And she can follow simple directions pretty well. She can even Swiffer the normal way, without having them strapped to her knees.

Beatrix at work. The back of this desk rarely sees the light of day, so when it’s moved to make room for the trap door, a perfect dusting opportunity arises.

She’s the least professional assistant I’ve ever had, though one of my favourites. She can be pretty demanding (who’s assisting whom, anyway?), so I don’t think her position will work out. But maybe she’ll drop by and volunteer sometimes. 😉


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A little throwback…

One of the first things I had to do on Monday when I came in was move my office around. Not because I thought things needed to be redecorated, but because Them Days was having a plumber come by. This, as you may remember from our renovations, requires going in the crawlspace under the building. My (heavy and very awkward) desk sits right on top of the hatch, so it needed to be moved in order to access the pipes.

And seeing this sight:

The crawlspace, from my point of view.

reminded me of the beginning of our renovations. I thought there was a photo of it on the blog, but I either imagined it or took it down. Anyway, one of the first things that needed to be done in preparation for the renovations was getting under the building. It required me and a very strong man to move the desk. Thankfully, it was a task that hasn’t been required much since I’ve been here. This time, it was just me and Tracy, so this is a little pat on the back for our efforts.

I have to admit, I’m still just as curious about that crawlspace as I was back then. Maybe slightly less, because now I live in a house with a teeny-tiny crawlspace and I have seen my husband descend into that hole more times than I can count, and during cold winters, it seems like the hatch is open half the time so the pipes don’t freeze. But the Them Days crawlspace is still intriguing. It’s just dirt and pipes, like any other crawlspace. But I guess I have some sort of exploring urge. So when the hatch is open, I get down and peer inside it. I’m sure this is a funny sight to anyone walking by. And then I see a chair, some dirt, and some pipes. Not terribly exciting. But somehow thrilling to see something you don’t usually get to see!

It also brought to mind one of the first days of a Katimavik volunteer’s stint at Them Days. I was showing her how to load pictures from a memory card to the computer, and I pushed the SD card into the wrong slot–a much bigger slot! It fell right into the interior of the computer. Not a problem, right? Just take apart the computer and retrieve the card. Not so easy! Turns out, the card reader is its own little compartment, and is closed up from the rest of the computer. So after disassembling the exterior of the computer, I then needed to unscrew the card reader. That doesn’t come apart, so once it was out, I had to tip the reader at different angles and very carefully extract the card with tweezers! I ended up covered in dust from being on the floor, and I thought for sure my new volunteer thought this was a strange workplace and was bored to tears by my bumbling. I thought of that moment yesterday as I was moving around furniture with Tracy. You just never know what a first day at Them Days will entail–or in my case, a first day back!


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I’m baaaaack!

Hello, Them Days friends! I’ve returned after a year of maternity leave. The year really flew by–this time last year, I was a very pregnant Aimee, and now I’ve got a crawling 11-month-old on my hands! I practically needed to be physically removed from the job (I really didn’t want to leave, and wanted to work until I needed to go to the hospital, which ended up being three weeks after I left), and now, a year later, I’m looking for all my pencils and pens! Things are moved around and there are new faces here, but I’m settling back in. To be honest, I popped in a bit to say hi while I was on maternity leave, so it’s not like things are totally strange. 🙂 Coming back to work yesterday was not nearly as odd as I expected it to be, and I’ve been warmly welcomed back, which is relieving.

There is a job posting for a summer student, so if you or somebody you know is interested and meets the requirements, please contact us and apply!

Now…back to work for me!



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Almost Done

Hey gang, 15 days until I go back to Ontario. My last day of work is Wednesday the 13th. I will miss Them Days 😦 but it’s about time that I get a job that pays! Tomorrow is a special day, “why?” you ask? Because tomorrow is technically our editor, Tara Mclean’s last day here at Them Days. 😦

Last week was my final house managing and I can’t say I will miss it. Its not fun preparing a house for the next tenants. On the weekend My group and I had the chance to go camping at Gosling Lake. We broke a fishing rod and lost a Frisbee but it was a blast! On Sunday we hiked up to Peace Rock and went geocaching. We ended up not taking the path a hiking straight up to peace rock through the forest! On the way I got all bloodied and bruised but I’d do it again. I would suggest to anyone who hasn’t gone up there to stop what you are doing and go up there now.

Them Days would also like to thank Birdhouse Garden Market for their great job installing trees, shrubs and flower and or also planting grass. Them Days will be green before you know it!

Thanks for tuning in and have a good week!


-Brett Quinn

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