Almost Done

Hey gang, 15 days until I go back to Ontario. My last day of work is Wednesday the 13th. I will miss Them Days 😦 but it’s about time that I get a job that pays! Tomorrow is a special day, “why?” you ask? Because tomorrow is technically our editor, Tara Mclean’s last day here at Them Days. 😦

Last week was my final house managing and I can’t say I will miss it. Its not fun preparing a house for the next tenants. On the weekend My group and I had the chance to go camping at Gosling Lake. We broke a fishing rod and lost a Frisbee but it was a blast! On Sunday we hiked up to Peace Rock and went geocaching. We ended up not taking the path a hiking straight up to peace rock through the forest! On the way I got all bloodied and bruised but I’d do it again. I would suggest to anyone who hasn’t gone up there to stop what you are doing and go up there now.

Them Days would also like to thank Birdhouse Garden Market for their great job installing trees, shrubs and flower and or also planting grass. Them Days will be green before you know it!

Thanks for tuning in and have a good week!


-Brett Quinn


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