I’m baaaaack!

Hello, Them Days friends! I’ve returned after a year of maternity leave. The year really flew by–this time last year, I was a very pregnant Aimee, and now I’ve got a crawling 11-month-old on my hands! I practically needed to be physically removed from the job (I really didn’t want to leave, and wanted to work until I needed to go to the hospital, which ended up being three weeks after I left), and now, a year later, I’m looking for all my pencils and pens! Things are moved around and there are new faces here, but I’m settling back in. To be honest, I popped in a bit to say hi while I was on maternity leave, so it’s not like things are totally strange. 🙂 Coming back to work yesterday was not nearly as odd as I expected it to be, and I’ve been warmly welcomed back, which is relieving.

There is a job posting for a summer student, so if you or somebody you know is interested and meets the requirements, please contact us and apply!

Now…back to work for me!




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2 responses to “I’m baaaaack!

  1. Howard Parsons

    Welcome back Aimee.
    Great weather you’re having up there.

    • Thank you Howard! Yes, it’s beautiful weather. A bit hot…I like to call those archive days! It’s nice to be back there where it’s nice and cool!

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