A little throwback…

One of the first things I had to do on Monday when I came in was move my office around. Not because I thought things needed to be redecorated, but because Them Days was having a plumber come by. This, as you may remember from our renovations, requires going in the crawlspace under the building. My (heavy and very awkward) desk sits right on top of the hatch, so it needed to be moved in order to access the pipes.

And seeing this sight:

The crawlspace, from my point of view.

reminded me of the beginning of our renovations. I thought there was a photo of it on the blog, but I either imagined it or took it down. Anyway, one of the first things that needed to be done in preparation for the renovations was getting under the building. It required me and a very strong man to move the desk. Thankfully, it was a task that hasn’t been required much since I’ve been here. This time, it was just me and Tracy, so this is a little pat on the back for our efforts.

I have to admit, I’m still just as curious about that crawlspace as I was back then. Maybe slightly less, because now I live in a house with a teeny-tiny crawlspace and I have seen my husband descend into that hole more times than I can count, and during cold winters, it seems like the hatch is open half the time so the pipes don’t freeze. But the Them Days crawlspace is still intriguing. It’s just dirt and pipes, like any other crawlspace. But I guess I have some sort of exploring urge. So when the hatch is open, I get down and peer inside it. I’m sure this is a funny sight to anyone walking by. And then I see a chair, some dirt, and some pipes. Not terribly exciting. But somehow thrilling to see something you don’t usually get to see!

It also brought to mind one of the first days of a Katimavik volunteer’s stint at Them Days. I was showing her how to load pictures from a memory card to the computer, and I pushed the SD card into the wrong slot–a much bigger slot! It fell right into the interior of the computer. Not a problem, right? Just take apart the computer and retrieve the card. Not so easy! Turns out, the card reader is its own little compartment, and is closed up from the rest of the computer. So after disassembling the exterior of the computer, I then needed to unscrew the card reader. That doesn’t come apart, so once it was out, I had to tip the reader at different angles and very carefully extract the card with tweezers! I ended up covered in dust from being on the floor, and I thought for sure my new volunteer thought this was a strange workplace and was bored to tears by my bumbling. I thought of that moment yesterday as I was moving around furniture with Tracy. You just never know what a first day at Them Days will entail–or in my case, a first day back!



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