Live from Expo!

Me, Susan and Tracy at the Expo.

Today I write to you from Labrador’s annual trade show, Expo Labrador! I’ve been meeting so many people. I really love it when I get to work the Expo booth. This year, I was a little worried about it for the first time, as I have a lot of work to do at the office, and I had to drop off my baby at the baby-sitter’s for the first time ever just before coming here yesterday, but it’s all working out just fine! I’ve met a lot of people, as I mentioned earlier–some that I’ve corresponded with via e-mail and phone for years! And I’ve been able to sit down with the Board members volunteering at the booth and talk with them, which I haven’t been able to do in the past year. And we have some new faces and Susan, our Chair, has returned after a few years off the Board, so we’ve been doing a lot of catch-up. It really has been a lovely time! (And the baby, if you’re wondering, is just fine and with a great sitter, so no worries there.)

The Expo is quite busy this year, and there are so many interesting booths around. I’ll probably sneak off from the booth in a few minutes and see what everybody has on display! Maybe we can strike up a partnership with somebody!



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