Good thing I love being busy, because this week has been go-go-go so far! (And it’s only Tuesday morning, and promises to stay like this all week!)

Yesterday morning, Tracy and I brought some magazines up to the Northern Ranger. We’ve got a little kiosk in the cafeteria with a selection of note cards, back issues, postcards, calendars, special issues, and of course, the current issue. It’s fun to think that people can buy a copy of Them Days as they travel up the coast! Tourists discovering stories about the new places they’re visiting, grandmothers reading stories to their grandchildren, a bored 20-something looking for something to read, a frequent reader finding that back issue that’s been missing from their collection since they lent it to their cousin…imagine all the possiblities!

This week is also Expo time…yesterday we worked that booth from 12-5, and it runs all day today. So stop by and say hello if you’re in the area!

I’m also working on the latest issue, having committee meetings before the Board meeting next week, and we’ll be hiring a summer student too. And, as always, I’m sure there will be other things popping up, and there are little things to do as well (but I won’t bore you with all that). But that’s what’s on my plate so far. How about yours?


P.S. If you’ve been following the fires up here, it was announced yesterday that everybody in Sheshatshiu and North West River can go home! They must be so relieved. I think everybody is relieved for them! Now let’s get some more rain! I’ve been enjoying riding my bike again for the first time since December 2010 (by the time bike weather came about in the following spring, I was too large and it was too awkward/uncomfortable for a largely pregnant lady to be riding a bike!) but I would much rather rain to help douse fires than to have nice cycling weather! I know, I know, fires are good for the ecosystem…but I’d rather they stay far away!


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