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It’s a beautiful day here in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. A perfect day for delivering magazines to the Northern Ranger! Looking at this photo, I wish we were actually setting out to go somewhere! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Grant and I dropping off magazines to the Northern Ranger



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My Days at Them Days

Happy Thursday all,
This blog post was suggested by Tracy (which is a fine suggestion at that). I’m currently back and forth from my office to the archives – and repeat! Inside the archives there are many folders containing the photographs used in each issue of Them Days, my job is to put these photos into archival folders that will last much longer, plus, it’s a much neater process.

Folders inside the Archives… awaiting my arrival.

This is what you would find if you walked into the Archives, turned right, then turned left and opened the bottom drawer! Right now, i’m on Volume 25, out of 36. I am slowly but surely getting there :).

After the photographs are taken out of their folder, placed in archival folders, and placed in just a simple yellow folder.

Ta-daaa!These are, “My Days at Them Days”. I should also mention that digitizing (if you have no idea what I’m talking about scroll down and there is a post which includes digitizing) is still taking place here in the office as well. Grant is a mighty fine multitasker!

Have a great day folks,

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Guest Post: Labrador Institute

There are a few different organizations in Labrador that share some goals/purposes with Them Days. I hope to get guest posts from them on this blog so that you may get to know what they do too! I’ve asked Morgon at the Labrador Institute to write the first one. (I figured we’d start with the easiest entry to obtain to start off, and since he’s my husband, it really was easy to convince him!) – Aimee

Morgon working on a database at the Labrador Institute

Hello from the Labrador Institute! The name of the game for any archival community should always be collaboration, and Them Days and the LI have been working together for a long time: in fact, ever since the two institutions began! Over the years, we’ve completed many joint projects, and many of our archival holdings have been jointly acquired or freely shared. Several of us have worked or volunteered at both places during our careers (or even simultaneously), and most recently, I was invited by Them Days to take part in their archival training sessions with Mary Ellen Wright of the Association for Newfoundland and Labrador Archives. Now here I am, writing a special guest entry on the Them Days blog! (I am also, as some of you may know, the father of Aimee’s temporary office assistant, Beatrix.)

Anyway, as far as archives and publications go, Them Days has long been Labrador’s gold standard, while for its part, the Labrador Institute has consistently broken new ground in research and education in Labrador. For those who don’t know, the LI is a unit of Memorial University, located in the College of the North Atlantic building on Hamilton River Road. If you want to visit us, we’re across from the college library, in the administration wing, although we have lately been overflowing into neighbouring buildings. We also have permanent staff located in North West River and Labrador City, and often have researchers elsewhere in the region (right now Rachel Hirsch is in Nain).

The library collection

My job is to look after the LI’s information holdings (with lots of help from Karen Pottle-Fewer and from the College library staff, Amanda Foster and Marjorie Barnes). These holdings support our other functions, mainly teaching and research, and also serve as records of projects completed over the years either by the Labrador Institute or by its predecessor, the Labrador branch of MUN’s Extension Services. We keep unique and unpublished items in our archive, while our library houses published or widely released materials pertinent to Labrador, including books, reports, serials, DVDs, audio recordings, and so on. Both collections are accessible to the public–and many of our videos, by the way, have been shown at the popular Labrador/ians on Film screening series, which is organized in partnership with the newly minted Labrador Film Foundation (for details, check out

Part of the film collection

Our archive, for its part, is in the middle of a major development. Our plan is to have a viewing station that brings all our electronic archival items (including videos, audio recordings, photographs, and text) into one place for students, researchers, and interested parties to peruse independently; we also intend to house all of our physical archival items in secure and well-organized storage, for speedy retrieval by staff upon request. Our next step will be to create a finding aid something like the one at Them Days (the value of which should never be underestimated), but in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to ask us about nearly anything. You can’t imagine how much we like answering random Labrador-related inquiries, and we have information on some of the most obscure Labrador-related topics you can imagine, so while I can’t guarantee we have what you’re looking for, I can assure you that if you want to learn about Labrador, then Them Days and the Labrador Institute are two of the very best places to start. So drop me a line at or 709-896-6394, or by all means feel free to stop by: that way you can meet all of us and benefit from the various kinds of expertise our staff can bring to bear. See you soon!

-Morgon Mills (Program Coordinator, Labrador Institute)

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Photo Finish Friday

It’s the end of the week, and in lieu of much writing, I am sharing photos of what’s been going on at the office.

Digitizing audio tapes

Scanning sketches


The photo of Grant doing research was taken at the Labrador Institute. We had to go over there to do something, and Grant took the opportunity to use their library and archive to do work on something he’s been researching.

Speaking of the Labrador Institute, we will have a guest post from them next week about what it is that they do. Stay tuned!


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Operation Restoration… Complete!

Happy Wednesday all,

As promised, there was going to be an update of our “Operation Restoration” once completed. Just yesterday, the pictures were completed and hung on the wall by our very talented carpenter, Tracy.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of the task!

So, this is my first real, “mirror picture.” I should have also done the duck lips (hahaha, no). But here are the pictures from a reflected image of the mirror!

So who’s excited to see new additions to our bathroom? Please, leave a comment and tell us what you think! I like it, I think it’s very fitting. There are many old photos laying around the Them Days office and if it were up to me, there would be no white paint on the walls (the pictures would be covering it).

Picture, picture on the wall…

It was a fun couple of days working on these, the three blind mice have done an excellent job. Coming from a Treehouse perspective – High four to you too!

Keep coming back for my blog updates,

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The Saddest Part of my Job

As the editor of Them Days, I get to meet a lot of really great people. Researchers, summer students, Katimavik volunteers, subscribers and customers, collegues, interview subjects, bed and breakfast owners…tons of people! I especially feel close to my interview subjects–after all, I’ve talked with them a few times, probably had tea at their kitchen table, looked at their family photos, and listened to their life stories.

But, as you know, most of them are elderly, so even in my four short years at Them Days, I’ve had a lot of my interview subjects pass away, sometimes even before we get to do a proper interview. (That is sad in another way, as it means we didn’t have a chance to record their life stories and put it on paper, so I hope that they were recorded in some way previously.)

The other day, I was showing Grant photos of my time in Postville, and he was giving me updates on everyone. When I was there, I had interviewed his grandmother, and he informed me that she had since passed away. She was an incredibly sweet lady, and I remembered my visit with her well, so I was quite saddened to hear about her passing. I also interviewed a man in Postville named Albert Flowers, and when I showed Grant his picture, I said “This is my friend Albert! You probably know him too.” Then he informed me that he, too, had passed away, only a few months ago.

Albert was one of those interview subjects I kept in touch with long after the initial interview. He’d call me up at the office and have a chat, tell me what he was up to, and I’d tell him the same (nearly yelling into the phone, since he had problems hearing me). He’d always ask me when I was coming back to Postville, and while I’d tell him I wasn’t sure when I’d be there, I told him I’d make sure to visit him right away. I never did get to visit him in Postville again, which makes me sad.

Me with Albert in his kitchen.

So while I love my job, sometimes it brings sadness. But I wouldn’t change getting to meet all these people and make that connection. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to meet all the lovely people I have. Thank you, friends.


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Operation Restoration!!!

Happy Friday blog readers!

Today at the office we’ve been really busy, but this afternoon we thought we should do a different kind of task. Aimee, Tracy and I (the three blind mice) teamed up to do a masterpiece for the Them Days bathroom.

Objective: Print photos from the printer, adjust them in selected picture frames. If objective is completed, reward will be a more comfortable bathroom.

So as you can see from the above picture (and of course my added objective :D) we are in the process of putting some Them Days pictures into picture frames. If you like what you see keep an eye out for some craft markets because Them Days usually have some prints for sale!

Some of our “Friday Fun” work 🙂

We have some creative minds wandering around at Them Days! Sadly, we won’t be able to stick them up today but if you keep visiting the blog there will be another addition with the final product (doesn’t this feel like an episode of TLC?)

Have a safe an enjoyable weekend,

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