Mulligan visit

I hope everybody enjoyed their long weekend! It was a pretty damp, grey weekend for those of us in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, but now that we’re all back to work, the sun is shining and the sky is blue! (Makes me wish the diapers were drying on the line outside instead of indoors.) I took a quick trip to Mulligan yesterday, so here are some photos from the trip.

Mulligan trees

Looking out at Mulligan Bay. Also in the photo is a nipper (most often called a mosquito, but I think ‘nipper’ is a much better name!). There were SO many around. Blackflies too.

The beach at Mulligan.

As we were on our way to Mulligan on boat, I looked at the scenery around me. Maybe I just take it for granted, living here and growing up here, but it really is very impressive that the land we were passing is virtually untouched. It all looked so grand and so ancient. I thought a lot about the first Settlers and what they must have been thinking when they arrived. They were mostly coming from countries very crowded in comparison. Can you imagine? They would have been stepping into an entirely unknown land that seemed so empty and so vast. Were they scared? Excited about breaking free of the order of their old homes and making a new life for themselves? (Probably both, I imagine.) And I thought about the Innu and the Inuit living and travelling along the shores of Lake Melville. You would be so used to being the only people around.

Happy Valley seems so dense and urban in comparison. (Well, I always call this particular area of the Valley “the downtown core,” so I suppose I do see this dense even when I’m not in the middle of Lake Melville.) It was nice to get away, even if just for a day.

Back to work!



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