A bit of afternoon reading…

Whew! I’m about melting here at Them Days. It’s currently 27C, but it feels like 31C with the humidity. Too hot for this Labradorian! If I didn’t have to concentrate on finishing up the next issue, this would be an Archive Day for sure. As it is, I will probably have to take a walk back there to cool down.

There are a couple of links I have to share with you today. First is an article from CBC about Newfoundland and Labrador’s first WWI casualty. Turns out it is Sampson Hamel of Sandwich Bay, who died of brain fever shortly before his training began. (And there’s a small reference to our Virtual War Memorial on the link, too.)

The second is a blog piece from the Historypin website. Last month, Tracy visited a class of students at Queen of Peace Middle School and talked to them about old photos and getting the information about them. It looks like their article was a success! Thanks for pointing out the link, Wally!

Keep cool, everyone!



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