Them Days on the Ranger

Good morning,

There has been much running back and forth from the Them Days office to the M.V. Northern Ranger. We thought it would be nice to play a game of “show and tell.”

All ready for another trip! 😀

While Aimee and I carried some of the magazines and had a quick glance at the cabinet, there wasn’t one quarter of what’s there now! Tracy went up the second time and organized all of these. If you ask me it looks great. Don’t forget if you’re travelling on the Ranger, pick up your issue of Them Days today!

Here is our latest issue, 36.2

On Friday, there was a message left at Them Days saying that our magazines were here! Hip hip, hooray! We immediately dropped everything, rolled up our sleeves and were determined to get these magazines out. At the end of Friday, the magazines were all dropped off to the post office. Yabba dabba doooo.

Here she is, beauty divine.

Seeing how I didn’t blog for a while, I did want to put out there that in my heart of hearts I came 3rd at the Regatta. Probably the only thing that won’t get checked off my “Grant’s Goals and Duties for Summer 2012” list (it was to win a medal). Although, this was my first ever Regatta that I did attend and participated in. I had a great time and the sore muscles days later were well worth it.

That’s all for now,



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