Issue 36.2 is out in the world!

Issue 36.2 – All about music!

In case you were still wondering what Grant and I were doing on Friday (his post pretty much confirmed it anyway!), we were out getting issue 36.2!

The Innu Mikun/Provincial Airlines cargo building, where we go to pick up the magazines. This was our destination.

The magazines in the pan of the truck, ready to be checked, stuffed, sealed, sorted and brought to the post office to find their ways to you!

All of us really pitched in, and we had everything ready to go out again by the end of the day! I know people have received them here in town, and we have delivered them to local retailers. If you don’t have yours yet, you will soon!

This issue is all about music. I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating!



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One response to “Issue 36.2 is out in the world!

  1. tracy

    the cover looks great!

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