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Countdown to Culture Days is on!

I started work a little early today. Normally I come in at 8:30, but this morning, I had an appointment to be at the CBC offices at 8:00, for a LIVE interview at 8:15. Thankfully, that’s a bit later than the last time I was on live radio, when I was stuck up in Nain for a couple of weeks. (Though that time, I have to admit, I did the interview from the comfort of my bed at Jessie’s.) Always exciting to start a day a little differently!

Well, speaking of doing things a little differently, I thought I’d be a little different, so I showed up at CBC in costume. Suprisingly, they were unfazed. Either they’re used to that sort of thing (or maybe they’re just used to me) or maybe dressing like it’s 1912 is coming into style? Who knows. 😉 Okay, okay, maybe they weren’t totally blasé. We all had a good laugh.

It was my first time ever going up to the CBC building, so that was pretty exciting in itself, and spending the first part of my morning with Colleen and Byron was tons of fun. Here are some photos!

Colleen, announcing Culture Days events

Byron, working his magic behind the scenes. (I had a really nice photo of him smiling, but wouldn’t you know, it was blurry. Which I suppose means it wasn’t a nice photo, but you know what I mean!)

Me, all dressed up for the interview (and looking kind of tired!)

And of course, after all that, you want to hear the interview, right?



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It’s that time of year again–Culture Days!!

Them Days is hosting another Culture Days event this year. I’m so excited! It’s always so fun to dress up in costume and eat flummies with delicious homemade jam. (One of our board members risked life and limb at the Mud Lake fair to get this jam, so I hope the event-goers enjoy it. If you’ve ever been to the bake sale at the Mud Lake Fair, you’ll know what I’m talking about!)

This year, you can get your photo taken in costume and put on the cover of Them Days magazine!

Culture Days 2012

One of the awesome posters made by Grant for our Culture Days event!

So if you’re in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area on Saturday, come on down to our office at 3 Courte Manche Street (it’s around the corner from the Stn B post office) any time from 10am-2pm, and you’ll be guaranteed a good time!

You can join the event on Facebook so that you don’t forget to come on Saturday morning! Bring your families after attending the market and grab some flummies, and step back into time with us! We’ll have some storytelling, music, and an archival display, too.


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Getting Excited About Culture Days!

Last week was probably one of the very busiest weeks I’ve had here, and that’s saying a lot! So this week, even though we’re working steadily on getting ready for Culture Days, has seemed like a breath of fresh air. It also helps that to kick off Culture Days, I got to attend a launch event at Town Hall. That’s a good way to start a Monday morning, in my opinion!

There were a number of Culture Days launches held across the province on Monday, to bring attention to the events that will be happening this weekend. (Them Days is hosting an event on Saturday from 10-2 at our office. Come by and dress up, eat some flummies, and see your face on Them Days magazine!)

Board Chair Susan Felsberg has a chat with Mayor Leo Abbass

Mingling (if you have a keen eye, you can spot me, though I’m mostly hidden!)

Any activity that involves free food and live music is an awesome event in my books!

And this activity didn’t just have live music, it had REALLY AWESOME live music, courtesy of Jamie Jackman.

Jamie Jackman performs at the Culture Days Launch at the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Town Hall, September 24, 2012. Check out his I ❤ Culture pin!

A great way to start a Monday, hey?

P.S. Thanks to Donna Roberts of the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council for sending me her photos of the event, since I forgot my camera!! 🙂

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The S.S. Kyle

One of the neatest parts of my job is getting to talk to Them Days supporters and subscribers and even people who have newly discovered Them Days. Today I was talking with Libby Earle, daughter of Captain Guy Earle of the SS Kyle. Libby calls up from the States once in awhile to say hi and chat about the Kyle.

Today she was telling me about the last time she was visiting the Kyle (she even got to go on, and people were playing songs and reading poems) and the good time she had remininscing about the boat with others who remembered travelling on it. Passengers used to dance as they waited. Wouldn’t that have been so nice? (People so rarely dance the way they used to.) The way she talked about it made it really come alive. I wish I had been on there! My grandparents met on the boat, so it has a special place in my heart.

The SS Kyle special issue

Anyway, if you are a fan of the Kyle as well, you should listen to the CBC radio show As It Happens with Ramona Dearing at noon Labrador time (12:30 in NF). Libby will be on there, talking about the efforts to preserve the Kyle, as it is such an important part of Newfoundland and Labrador history. You can call in too, if you have something to add!

If you’re interested in keeping up with Libby’s efforts, search for S.S. Kyle on Facebook.


P.S. If you’re interested, you can always buy the special issue we did back in 1984! (It had a second printing a few years ago.)

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Them Days welcomes the HMCS

Hello everyone,
It was an exciting three days for Happy Valley-Goose Bay as the HMCS arrived on August 29th and left August 31st, 2012. There were many events scheduled for the public: a BBQ, softball game, a charity pancake breakfast just to name a few. As the ship arrived at the dock, sirens were going to welcome the HMCS.

HMCS at the dock in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Residents all over the country of Canada show their respect for the HMCS. It is of extra importance to Them Days, Doris Saunders founding editor of Them Days became the god-mother to HMCS.

Below is a short paragraph that was written to Doris Saunders from Helen C. Cooper, August 14, 1997.

Dear Mrs Saunders:

“Lt(N) Paul Watson just called to tell me that you had agreed to become the sponsor of the naval ship to be HMCS Goose Bay and that the launch is to take place on September 4th.  May I offer both my congratulations and best wishes.”

As well, Doris Saunders wrote the following to T.P Gijzen, March 3, 1998.

As a native Labradorian and long time resident of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, I am proud that I was chosen to be sponsor of HMCS GOOSE BAY.

Goose Bay grew out of the need for military support for the Allies during World War II and continues to do what is necessary to ensure peace in our world.  The commissioning of HMCS GOOSE BAY in the port of Goose Bay is yet another way for Labrador to make history by its participation on this momentous occasion.

My Sincere congratulations to the Captain and Crew who accept the responsibility and challenges they will encounter, and I have no doubt that they will meet each challenge in a manner whil will make this community, Goose Bay, proud of them.  Wherever you go my thoughts and prayers will always be with you.

Another photo of the HMCS

The HMCS was shown a warm welcome by the public as it approached the dock. Many people witnessing yet another historic moment! I hope that residents in Happy Valley-Goose Bay had taken advantage of this great moment.

Have a great day,

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