Them Days welcomes the HMCS

Hello everyone,
It was an exciting three days for Happy Valley-Goose Bay as the HMCS arrived on August 29th and left August 31st, 2012. There were many events scheduled for the public: a BBQ, softball game, a charity pancake breakfast just to name a few. As the ship arrived at the dock, sirens were going to welcome the HMCS.

HMCS at the dock in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Residents all over the country of Canada show their respect for the HMCS. It is of extra importance to Them Days, Doris Saunders founding editor of Them Days became the god-mother to HMCS.

Below is a short paragraph that was written to Doris Saunders from Helen C. Cooper, August 14, 1997.

Dear Mrs Saunders:

“Lt(N) Paul Watson just called to tell me that you had agreed to become the sponsor of the naval ship to be HMCS Goose Bay and that the launch is to take place on September 4th.  May I offer both my congratulations and best wishes.”

As well, Doris Saunders wrote the following to T.P Gijzen, March 3, 1998.

As a native Labradorian and long time resident of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, I am proud that I was chosen to be sponsor of HMCS GOOSE BAY.

Goose Bay grew out of the need for military support for the Allies during World War II and continues to do what is necessary to ensure peace in our world.  The commissioning of HMCS GOOSE BAY in the port of Goose Bay is yet another way for Labrador to make history by its participation on this momentous occasion.

My Sincere congratulations to the Captain and Crew who accept the responsibility and challenges they will encounter, and I have no doubt that they will meet each challenge in a manner whil will make this community, Goose Bay, proud of them.  Wherever you go my thoughts and prayers will always be with you.

Another photo of the HMCS

The HMCS was shown a warm welcome by the public as it approached the dock. Many people witnessing yet another historic moment! I hope that residents in Happy Valley-Goose Bay had taken advantage of this great moment.

Have a great day,


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