Countdown to Culture Days is on!

I started work a little early today. Normally I come in at 8:30, but this morning, I had an appointment to be at the CBC offices at 8:00, for a LIVE interview at 8:15. Thankfully, that’s a bit later than the last time I was on live radio, when I was stuck up in Nain for a couple of weeks. (Though that time, I have to admit, I did the interview from the comfort of my bed at Jessie’s.) Always exciting to start a day a little differently!

Well, speaking of doing things a little differently, I thought I’d be a little different, so I showed up at CBC in costume. Suprisingly, they were unfazed. Either they’re used to that sort of thing (or maybe they’re just used to me) or maybe dressing like it’s 1912 is coming into style? Who knows. 😉 Okay, okay, maybe they weren’t totally blasé. We all had a good laugh.

It was my first time ever going up to the CBC building, so that was pretty exciting in itself, and spending the first part of my morning with Colleen and Byron was tons of fun. Here are some photos!

Colleen, announcing Culture Days events

Byron, working his magic behind the scenes. (I had a really nice photo of him smiling, but wouldn’t you know, it was blurry. Which I suppose means it wasn’t a nice photo, but you know what I mean!)

Me, all dressed up for the interview (and looking kind of tired!)

And of course, after all that, you want to hear the interview, right?



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One response to “Countdown to Culture Days is on!

  1. Linda M

    It was a great day! Enjoyed it immensely, I am laughing at teh first photo here of teh “volun-told” husbands.

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