Culture Days (pt. 2)

So now that I have a spare moment, let me tell you a little more about our Culture Days event. 🙂

It really was a treat for all the senses: the smell of wood smoke and spruce boughs, the sound of accordion music and stories, the taste of homemade jam from local berries, the sight of everyone in costume, the warmth of the sun on our skin and the feel of the ground under our hide boots.

This was our third Culture Days event and we’re really getting into the groove. Families come out with children and seniors, and all ages in between. We get visits from faces familiar to Them Days and people just learning about what we do. Some are long-time residents and others are newly arrived. It’s truly a community event. This year, some people even brought their own costumes and accessories from home (especially boots). It made me feel like this event is becoming established, and it’s evident that people look forward to it every year.

All parts of our building were busy: the yard with the storytelling tent and the cook tent (and let’s not forget the jam table); the inside with the costumes, the archival display in the reading room, the videos playing in the background, and the tours of the archive. Our whole property was buzzing with excitement!

We’ve been getting really good feedback about it too, which is always great to hear!

Mary’s music really adds something special to the event. I think it’s one of my favourite parts of the day!

Blanche and her daughter Barb got in the Them Days spirit. Barb looks like she’s going to go on a trip somewhere, don’t you think? All dressed up for a trip on the Kyle or something.

The North Star School yearbook from 1961 made an appearance, and was a smash hit amongst the guests!

Linda and Josh cooking in the tent

Joe (who was one of the event’s storytellers) and Gwen look over the archival display in the reading room. The items on display were donated by Gwen–a selection of her mother’s school registers (dating between 1912-1946), a collection of photographs from Mud Lake in the same time period (look out for those in the upcoming issue of Them Days!), and even the camera used to take the photos!

Administrator Daphne and her daughter Natasha show off their matching shawls.

Mary, Theresa, Morgon and Allan. The first flummies of the morning must get sampled by the cooks!

Bev, dressed up not in costume replicas of old clothing, but wearing real antiques! And she had the perfect posture for it…she really seemed like a teacher! If our Culture Days had awards, Bev would have definitely been voted “Best Dressed.”

Norma brought a beautiful HBC blanket (I really love those things) and her own boots (look at them! Beautiful!), completing her Them Days look.

I just wanted to show off the dress that I made for Bea on Friday night. Because she was sleeping when I finished it, the sleeves were wayyyyy too long, but you get the idea! Cute, hey?

Allan (looking like he’s on an expedition) and Nellie. Something about them in this photo really seems authentic to me. They really captured the spirit of the past!

Frank (who was behind the camera for almost all these photos taken at Culture Days) gets in front of the lens for a photo by the cookstove.

Them Days staff, reflecting on the busy day we just had!

Anyway, I must get working a couple more things. Thanks for looking at our photos, and if you came by on Saturday or helped out in any way, thank you so much. This event is really one of my favourite every year, and it’s made special by all the people who show up or help out.



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One response to “Culture Days (pt. 2)

  1. tracy

    Wow, it all looks terrific! I’m glad the weather co-operated. I am so sorry to have been away and missed all the fun. Great job everyone.

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