My class at Mealy Mountain Collegiate

Last Thursday, I had an exciting event penciled in my agenda: 1:15 NL Studies. I was going in to a Newfoundland and Labrador Studies class (grade 10) to talk about the importance of storytelling and oral history and what we do at Them Days. The class is taught by none other than my maternity replacement, Sarah! (But I had to call her Ms. Michaud at school.)

It was a really great class, and a few of the students shared their own stories with the class. I brought in some of my favourite Them Days stories and we read them out loud. It was a ton of fun, and I hope we can do another class in the future. Maybe a field trip?!

Ms. Michaud and I showed the students the Centre for Newfoundland Studies’ Periodical Article Bibliography, and we used it to find Them Days articles about their relatives.

Thank you to Ms. Michaud and her class for a wonderful afternoon filled with stories! It was a lot of fun. 🙂 I hope some of you decide to spend your volunteer hours with me at Them Days!


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