Introducing….the Colouring Book!

I have a very exciting announcement: Our Labrador Colouring Book is back! The much-loved book of sketches by Gerald Mitchell has been republished and it can be yours once again.

The Labrador Colouring Book

I remember having one of these colouring books when I was a child, and in fact, it’s still at my parents’ house with the rest of their Them Days collection. So I am personally really happy that the colouring book has been re-released, as it means I’ll be able to give one to my daughter! And I’ll get an un-coloured-in one for myself again. 🙂

Interior pages in the colouring book

The quality of this colouring book is truly outstanding. Gerald’s sketches are a beautiful reminder of life in them days, and they are suitable for framing and hanging in your home, or using as an educational piece with children or grandchildren. And oh, the book is so high quality in terms of the paper. I’m a bit of a paper nerd, and this is really nice stuff. Thick with a nice texture and colour. When you see the book, you’ll be amazed by just how pretty it is.

The Labrador Colouring Book is available exclusively at Them Days. Drop by, give us a call, or use our secure online shopping site.


P.S. In case you can’t tell, this is what was debuted at the fundraiser!!


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