Our 2012 Fundraiser!

Another awesome night of music, laughter, friends and fun! I love the Them Days fundraisers, not just because it really touches me to see a lot of people out there supporting Them Days and all that we do, but because they’re also a good time in and of themselves! Our concert was again organized by John Heard, ardent Them Days supporter and fabulous musician and concert organizer, and it didn’t disappoint.

Our silent auction table featured just over 20 items–some rare issues of Them Days, some new items, and the highest bid of all was for an Inukuluk tablecloth!

We at Them Days set up a silent auction for in the lobby, and it was quite successful. We even had a few bidding wars! Even considering that, we had a few rare issues go for relatively cheap prices, so if you were looking for some rare, sold-out back issues to complete your collection, you missed out!

Fred, Clarice and Mavis are happy silent auction winners!

We also had refreshments available during intermission. My gosh, North Mart really outdid themselves in providing a wonderful array of snacks for our supporters. It really added to the atmosphere. People were milling about, looking at the auction items, catching up with old friends, and having a bite to eat. It was a really good time! Thank you to North Mart for their generous donation!

The final song, a singalong of Old Mokami for the whole group of performers and audience.

Of course, the main attraction to this night was the music and the comedic performances. We had performances by Festiva, Kirk Lethbridge, Selby Mesher, Angele Yetman (who again was a fantastic MC for the whole night), St. Paddy’s Day Singers, Susan Felsberg, Suzanne Denty, Mary, Pauline, Janet & Philomena, Tucker Campbell, and Fiona Andersen. You know, these Them Days fundraisers really are a special time.

The organizer of it all, John Heard, and me! Thank you so much John, for putting this all together for us two years in a row! (Please ignore my messy hair!)

Thank you everyone! With your help, we were able to raise over $1500 for Them Days!


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