Copyright Workshop in St. John’s

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending ANLA‘s Copyright for Archives workshop, taught by Dr. Jean Dryden (her credentials are too numerous for me to list here, but take it from me, she’s an expert on the topic). Canadian copyright law just underwent some changes that came into effect during the workshop, so it was an especially timely course. I quite enjoyed it, and I’m happy to say that I feel much more comfortable with issues of copyright that we deal with here at Them Days. Besides the topic at hand, it was nice to be somewhere where everybody sort of deals with the same things at work and has similar interests. I saw some familiar faces from previous ANLA workshops and conferences, so that was nice too.

You’ll never believe me, knowing that I’m a shutterbug, but I didn’t take any photos! Not one of the workshop, which was held in the stunning Basicilia Museum. (I attended another workshop there a few years ago, see the photo there.) In fact, the only photo I have of St. John’s is one of my little girl looking through one of those things you stick your head through for the purposes of taking silly photos (it was a colourful fish outside Freak Lunchbox on Water Street, if you’re curious). And to think, I had my camera on me at all times!

I did venture into rural Newfoundland to do some visiting on the weekend, so here’s a photo of a duck crossing sign in Arnold’s Cove. A blog post just isn’t complete without a photo!

Duck crossing in Arnold’s Cove

Even that visit was rushed, however, because a trip for Them Days is never a slow one, and between my work and my husband’s work, we didn’t stop running around during our “free time” (haha! Free time! Funny concept, eh?). I know I could have stayed at least another week and still had tons more work to do out there. There are a lot of people to talk to in St. John’s about their experiences in Labrador, and when you’re travelling for work, you have to make the most of every minute. Even if it means neglecting some other things you want to do (sorry, friends). I hope I’ll be out there longer next time, whenever that may be!

Along that line of thought, if you know of anybody who would be good to interview, anywhere, drop me a line, because you never know if I’ll be doing travelling and would be able to talk to them.



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