Merry Christmas to us! (Also, delay in the magazine)


Board chair Susan stopped by today with a lovely basket of fruit for the three of us in the office.  As you can see, one of us (cough, cough) has already opened the Toblerone bar.  (Yum!)

Thank you to the Board for this lovely gift!  Fruit is such a good way to perk up during those afternoon sugar lows! 

We also have some not-so-great news.  If you’ve been talking to us recently, you’ll know that the magazine is at the printers, but what you don’t know (we just learned this afternoon) is that it likely won’t be back in time for Christmas as we had hoped.  There were some breakdowns at the printers and they are behind schedule.  Keep your fingers crossed though…you never know if it might show up!  If you are giving Them Days as a gift this Christmas, we do have gift notification cards you can stick in a stocking.  We usually give them out with all the gift subscriptions, but if for some reason you don’t have one, you can stop by and pick one up.



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