An Exciting Week in HV-GB

Hello, dear blog readers.
I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve been here, writing a post! A big weight (a 192-page weight) has been lifted off my shoulders, and now I feel like I can finally get back to posting. (I might have to even go back and back-date a couple of blog entries that should have been written…oops.) And cleaning the office! That pile of folders from the picture I posted before is now off my desk, and it is clear, clear, clear! Now for the three other desks in my office…

I knew putting together a special issue would require a huge effort, and would amount to a LOT of work. And I certainly wasn’t proven wrong! Alicia worked here from October to February, spending all her time working on the issue, compiling information, digging through archives, and interviewing elders. Once I finished the December issue, I, too, joined the effort, and in the end, we ended up with way more content than we needed! Then Alicia’s contract ended and I had the task of cutting everything down! Better than not having enough content, I suppose, but it was really, really difficult to take out pieces and trim others down to fit. I can only hope that I made the right decisions!

Feels like the whole town is hyped up for the Labrador Winter Games. Games week is so fun! I remember last time they were held Amanda was working in the office and she was so full of Team Orange spirit! CBC has some great coverage of the Games, so check out their site too if you’re interested in what’s going on.

I’ve got some good tunes to go with my morning’s to-do list, so I shall get back to that. Hope your Monday is turning out as great as mine! 🙂



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