Some links I’ve found interesting lately…

  • Nudes check out nudes at Austrian museum – remind me not to hold a nudes exhibit at Them Days, okay? Not that it was really in the cards anyway.
  • Photographic Artifacts of Black Civil War Troops – Photos of black American Civil War soldiers have gained popularity lately, and two institutions in Washington, DC, have showcased them recently.
  • The Oldest Known Photos of Toronto – as somebody who lived in Toronto for awhile, I found it really interesting to see these cityscapes. But even if you’re not as familiar, I think you’d like these!
  • Susan Aglukark – I’m a fan of Susan Aglukark (I was so disappointed a few years ago when we were both travelling the north coast at the same time, but in opposite directions, and our paths never crossed!!!) and so I was interested to find her website and read her thought-provoking blog.

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  1. Douglass Bostwick

    Check out Patty Way’s Facebook posting of “Old Labrador” reels.Then post them here so all can see.

    Doug Bostwick3972 SW Shorewood DrDunnellon, FL 34431352/489-8920 Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 12:50:05 +0000 To:

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