Who watched Rick Mercer last night?

Last night’s episode of Rick Mercer Report was all about the Labrador Winter Games. I’m pretty sure almost every television in Labrador was tuned into CBC last night to watch. I don’t have a television, so I made a social evening of it and went over to my cousin’s house to watch it–after all, our great-uncle Max was featured in the segment about the Labrathon! We had some good laughs. You can watch the segments about the games by following this link.

And while you’re watching videos about Labrador, check out this one from Land and Sea about the Blake sisters who have taken up drumdancing and throat singing.

I’ve been busy updating and upgrading our website. Times like this, I am really missing my Katimavik help. There’s a lot of data entry to be done (I have to make new entries/pages for each and every item in the online store, for example) so it’s not particularly fast going. But it is getting done, and I’m excited to see it all finished!

Don’t forget about our AGM tonight at 7:00 in the Labrador Friendship Centre Multi-Purpose room. Get involved with Them Days, or just learn about what’s going on!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to working on the website…



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