Welcome back, Jill!

We are a three-person office again. Since Alicia’s contract ended (and then she had a baby!), it’s just been me and Daphne in the office. It’s not bad being in a two-person office, but it sure was a lot quieter. We’ve got Jill back though, thanks to a grant from the Ikajuttiget trust. Jill will be working in the archive, organizing files and getting the finding aids in order, that sort of thing.

Jill worked here before, both as a volunteer and as an employee of the archive. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago, but it was almost two years, if you can believe it! And if you look at the photos of us on her first day back and a random photo of her last time here, you’ll really see the difference.

Jill and Aimee

Jill and I are looking a little smaller than last time she worked here…

Aimee, Jill, Melanie

Me, Jill and Melanie in 2011, when Jill worked here last.

We didn’t mean to be coordinating for that last photo, by the way. It just happened, and we had to take a photo to prove it!



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One response to “Welcome back, Jill!

  1. Allan Bock

    Hi Aimee, Glad to see Jill is on board.

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