Today Jill and I set out to buy a couple of things we need to get ready for the mailout that should happen any day now (still waiting for it–delay at the printer again). Glue sticks, packing tape, that sort of thing. Well, we also had a secret mission that we had to keep secret from Daphne.

It’s a beautiful day today, just perfect for running errands and completing a secret mission around town.

Out running errands and on a secret mission

Out running errands and on a secret mission

You see, today is Daphne’s birthday (bet you couldn’t tell that by the title of the post).

So Jill and I got a half cake and sparklers (I always have candles and matches on hand at the office…I love birthdays!!). We had to get everything ready while Daphne was in her office. Problem? The noisy, crinkly cake box! So we tried some fake coughs…but it was going to be a full-on coughing fit if we did it to cover the noise. So I cranked up some Scandinavian dance music (thanks Songza) and we set about getting ready.

Well, wouldn’t you know it–those sparklers are awfully hard to light! And Daphne, wondering why we weren’t chatting with her after we came in, and also wondering why we were having a dance party, started walking around. We could hear her foot steps, and we were trying to light the candles and sparklers, and they just weren’t taking. Of course, it’s only made all the worse when you’re trying to stifle giggles!

Well, she caught us! Oops.

Ah well. Still a surprise, right?

Well, just as she caught us, the sparklers also caught fire. So we were able to present her with her cake.



Happy Birthday Daphne!

The Birthday Girl!

The Birthday Girl!



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