Game On Photography Exhibit

I’m so excited about an event we’re hosting this Friday night (May 10).

Back in March, during Winter Games week (which was a really crazy time in office as well because I was finishing up the Grand River issue!), I helped out my friend John with a photography project sponsored by the Labrador Winter Games. He took photographs (black and white film, medium format–no digital photos for this project!) of fifteen athletes from all over Labrador. It was a LOT of work (especially for John, who then had to spend a ton of time in the darkroom afterwards) and this show that we’re going to be hosting at Them Days is the culmination of all that work. The exhibit will be on display at Them Days for a while, and this event is kicking it off in a big way.

Come to the exhibit launch!

Come to the exhibit launch!

If you’re in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area this week, you should definitely come to the exhibit launch Friday at 8pm! And if you’ll be here some other time, you should come by and look at the photos anyway, even without the big party. They’re really great! 🙂



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