Introducing our newest summer student, Wallace!

Hello dear blog readers!

I’ve come back after a week in Rigolet and a personal trip out to visit my parents, and I’ve returned to a large Labrador day! The sky is blue and clear and the temperature is absolutely perfect–19 degrees. That’s the ideal temperature for me–not hot enough to be sweaty, but hot enough so that I can go without a sweater or jacket and feel comfortable! (Well, I wouldn’t mind if it were a few degrees warmer, but I won’t complain.) A beautiful summer day, that’s for sure. And the newest person in the office agrees with me–maybe it’s a genetic thing? The new summer student, Wallace, is actually a third cousin of mine (we share great-great grandparents), so maybe we are genetically programmed to like it. Or maybe this is just a perfect summer day! lol.

Anyway, Wallace just started this week, and he is already making a great first impression (even though we are third cousins, it’s actually the first time we’ve met). He’s a great worker so far, and I think we’re going to get along famously this summer! He’s going to be updating the blog too over the next eight weeks, so I’ll let him do a proper introduction next.

Wallace next to the Labrador flag outside our office.

Wallace next to the Labrador flag outside our office.

So welcome to the office, Wallace! We’re glad to have you here!


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